1. Where is the seniority list ?

  2. Cyril Says:
  3. Please upload Seniority List

  4. Ajay Says:
  5. where are the results?

  6. Laxma Reddy Says:
  7. where we find seniority List

  8. v s raju Says:
  9. when will seniority list be posted

  10. devaraj Says:
  11. Have you prepared seniority list? If yes, where could we find it?

  12. RAJA NARESH Says:
  13. Where is the Seniority List?

  14. why seniority list cannot be displayed here


  15. mukesh Says:
  16. when seniority list will be posted

  17. Praveen ENR Says:
  18. why don't u upload the seniority list. other most districts seniority list already displayed in their website.

  19. STUWgl Says:
  20. With comparitively to other near by dists warangal dist is very poor regarding the publishing of provisional or updated final seniority lists in online

  21. prr Says:
  22. I think seniority list in warangal dist.is not in a position to disply,

  23. Sada Anand Says:
  24. when seniority list will be posted. m.sadanandam prtu(telangana)


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