Prepare a distance Matrix for the all habitations existing in the mandal (Distance between Habitation to habitation of walking distance by road)

2. Convert the original Distance Matrix into Norm-based Matrix (i.e., Distance < 5.0 km = 0 all Distance > 5.0km=1).

3. Highlight the availability of Secondary Schooling facilities in the Zero, one Matrix.

4. Reduced Matrix

a. apply filter for Secondary Schools where the habitations are having “Zero” (that means schooling facility is available with in the distance of 5km) both columns and rows to be deleted.

b. After elimination of the habitations having Secondary Schooling facility the zero-one matrix becomes reduced.

5. Then un-served habitation for Secondary Schooling facility to be listed from the reduced Matrix.

6. These Un-served habitations are again examine that whether any accessibility within the 5 km radius of the Schools in the neighboring mandals.

7. Now finalize the Un-served habitations which are not access to any school within the Mandal (or) neighboring Mandal.

8. Among these habitation remove ‘0’ population habitations.

Note: Check whether any un-served Habitation is served by neighboring Mandals in such case those habitations have to be deleted from the Matrix.

Finally, justify the un-served habitations by giving options like

1. to start New Secondary School or

2. up gradation of UPS or

3. to provide transport facility to children where less number of children are

existing in those habitations for economical feasibility.

Posted by P V R on Friday, November 25, 2011


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